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Divergent Suggested Essays Essay

Recommended Essay Questions 1.In what ways does Tris’s personality create through the span of the novel? Tris started the novel shy and uncertain of herself and her wants, which was normal for her Abnegation childhood: she was never permitted to concentrate on herself, so she never knew precisely what she needed. After picking Dauntless her boldness clearly starts to bloom, yet she encounters some different changes also. She manufactures companionships and connections vital to her character, with individuals who draw out the best in her. What's more, she discovers that however she has picked another group, she can in any case be magnanimous; and without a doubt she is, on numerous occasions. Before the finish of the novel, she is completely mindful of herself as Divergent †somebody who doesn't fit in, yet who can't be controlled. The occasions of the finish of the novel fortify who she has been †caring †and who she needs to become †daring. There are numerous noteworthy encounters to examine, both great and awful, that formed Tris as an individual all through her time in Dauntless. 2.Compare and differentiate this unbendingly organized society with our own. What are the upsides and downsides of each? Does one give a more successful way of life than the other? The qualifications between Tris’s society and our own are extremely obvious; their concept of turning into a decent individual includes choosing one uprightness to develop their whole lives, while for us, being acceptable and ethically stable includes a blend of the entirety of their group excellencies and then some. Socially, we have significantly more opportunity of decision, yet is that opportunity consistently something worth being thankful for? Concentrating any of the five ideals of Tris’s world can surely effectsly affect one’s life. Everything relies upon viewpoint; either could be viewed as the more compelling way of life, contingent upon what you look like at it, yet the group framework absolutely makes some noteworthy slips up in attempting to control and direct a person’s personality and humankind. 3.Discuss the adequacy of an administration show just to a solitary group. Is Jeanine Matthews genuinely wrong for calling for more prominent portrayal, or is it better to keep organization in the possession of the magnanimous? This is surely a long ways from our arrangement of popular government. While having the naturally benevolent run the legislature appears to be a decent thought in principle, by and by it might miss the mark. Refusal don't have indistinguishable objectives in life from Erudite, Candor, Amity, or Dauntless, so in this way it is normal that their organization is raised doubt about. Maybe a framework with equivalent portrayal from each group would be a superior technique; however strategy would not comprise of amazingly sacrificial acts, some of the time delegates do need to be narrow minded backers for their kin. Also, with everybody having a state, there would be substantially less possibility of a resistance the size of Erudite’s. Jeanine wasn’t completely wrong in what she lectured, yet she surely went about it the incorrect way, and Abnegation wasn’t to fault for a framework that had been imperfect from the beginning. 4.What are the advantages of arranging individuals into social gatherings the manner in which the groups are arranged? What are the downsides? We will in general subliminally sort ourselves into bunches notwithstanding; we float towards individuals with comparable interests as us, individuals with comparative foundations, individuals who appear as though us. With a general public sorted out into gatherings, residents are constantly encircled by similarly invested individuals, and there is an a lot more noteworthy possibility of coexisting with the individuals who think like you. Then again, however, that division can advance bigotry and bias, which is clearly obvious in the novel; all the groups avoided the estimations of their rivals, advancing an extremely isolated lifestyle. 5.There are just five groups; are there some other human ethics missing from the rundown? For what reason would these be essential in balanced residents? Esteeming just genuineness, magnanimity, tranquility, dauntlessness, and knowledge appears to be a little cut of by far most of fair human temperances. Another group could exist dependent on steadfastness; a significant number of the problemsâ in Tris’s world (and our own) are brought about by double-crossing and doubt. A group dependent on determination could guarantee that every one of its residents are persevering and beneficial. What's more, there could likewise be a group dependent on inventiveness, which shapes the psyche from various perspectives different groups don't. 6.Discuss Tris Prior as our hero. It is safe to say that she is a dependable storyteller? Does she generally come clean? Is it true that we are obliged by her perspective? Tris is normally an extremely clear storyteller, however maybe her perspective is regularly obfuscated by her very own partialities. We don't get a decent feeling of Peter’s character, for example, since she is generally so resolved to detest him; maybe there is something else entirely to him than meets the eye. We’re positively compelled by her point of view, just recognizing what she knows at some random time. We tackle the secrets of Four, her mom, and the Erudite-Abnegation quarrel just when she does, on the grounds that the story is told uniquely from her first individual point of view. The constraints of this point of view takes into account some secret and pressure, however, just as the solid impression of Tris as a legend. 7.What criticalness do Tris’s connections have in her life? Different connections start to bloom for Tris simply after she’s left Abnegation. Her family is broken separated, however a ways off she appears to get considerably nearer to her mom, becoming familiar with her past than she at any point knew previously. In Abnegation, Tris never had genuine companionships, yet in Dauntless she turns out to be near Will, Christina, Al, Uriah, and a portion of different starts. Without them, she wouldn’t have had the help she expected to overcome commencement. Lastly, her relationship with Four has changed her from various perspectives; she’s been offered somebody to open up to, who thusly opens up to her, and for an individual with as a lot to manage as Tris, this is significant. 8.Compare and differentiate Peter and Jeanine Matthews as rivals. Who might be viewed as the focal adversary? Both Peter and Jeanine fill in as Tris’s adversaries, however in totally different ways. Dwindle is increasingly present all through the novel, messing up Tris during commencement, her most quick concern. Yet, Jeanine is a rival for a bigger scope; however she doesn’t show up until late in the novel, we know she’s been behind the developing defiance of the Erudite and the chase for Divergent. Jeanine’s points and the compass of her grip lead to something a whole lot bigger than a battle for positioning during inception. Thus, no one but Jeanine can be viewed as the focal enemy. 9.In what ways is the fermenting war among Abnegation and Erudite suggestive of our cultural force battles? In spite of the fact that the fight at the climax of the novel is battled with cutting edge advancements like reproductions, the conditions that caused it tends to be handily contrasted with the force battles in our own general public. It begins with a gathering of individuals accepting they’ve been dealt with treacherously, with an unreasonably modest quantity of state in government, and finishes with a ridiculous fight to figure out who stays and who goes. Transformations and significant advanced wars start similarly. Jeanine Matthews is illustrative of the enticing, magnetic, and smart pioneer who can persuade her kin to mobilize against another gathering; for this situation, Abnegation. Jeanine’s strategy for control through purposeful publicity (bogus cases about Abnegation) and irreverence for others dependent on an apparent contrast or need mirrors extremist pioneers from history. 10.Which topic in the novel would you consider the most huge, and why? In spite of the fact that many significant topics in Divergent are common, the one that continually becomes an integral factor is the subject of character and how one’s decisions decide self. Tris is continually settling on decisions that characterize who she is, beginning with the significant one on Choosing Day and proceeding all through inception, finishing with her choice not to shoot Tobias in the control room so as to stop the reenactment. Her character grows further with each choice, and in the end she discovers that she can genuinely be daring and magnanimous simultaneously. This subject applies to different characters also; Caleb, for example, decided to change to Erudite so as to remain consistent with his own personality, butâ eventually comes back to Abnegation since he concludes that Erudite’s plans weren't right, and he was unable to be a piece of it. Every single character in the novel settles on in any event one decision that guides in deciding their pe rsonality; hence, this subject is amazingly noteworthy.

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Cantonese Romanization System Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Cantonese Romanization System - Research Paper Example From the exposition it is clear this is a type of Romanizing Cantonese formal people, places or things that is broadly utilized by the Hong Kong government offices and non-administrative associations in Hong Kong. This utilization of this technique by the legislature has a long history going back to the times of British standard and it has experienced a ton of transformation through the two universal wars. There are no severe rules laid on the technique since it simply settled itself and from that point forward it turned into a typical practice. Because of the un-normalized nature of the strategy, this framework got its faultfinders to a point that different frameworks are suggested in showing organizations for its place. As the exploration proclaims there are a few downsides related with Hong Kong government Romanization framework. Initially, Hong Kong government Romanization framework not completely normalized as a framework and along these lines gangs an incredible test in spelling since huge numbers of the phonemes are like more than one letter mix or the other route round. Furthermore, In Hong Kong government Romanization framework, all tones and differentiations among unaspirated and suctioned stops are precluded and this prompts an incredible issue in spelling. Finally, there is presence of irregularities all through Hong Kong government Romanization framework because of loss of differentiations verifiably. That is, a differentiation among alveolar and palatal sounds making most consonants undistinguished in present-day discourse, needs tone marks, needs diacritics and various spellings once in a while utilized for the comparable phonemes.

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Should You Use Elementary Student Essay Samples?

Should You Use Elementary Student Essay Samples?It is a sad fact that elementary students struggle when it comes to writing essays. If you are concerned that your child may be failing in this area, it is important to take steps to ensure that your child is not suffering academically. The first step to addressing this issue is to look at the options for using elementary student essay samples.You may be very familiar with sample essays. However, did you know that it is possible to take that same sample and transform it into a coherent argument? If you do not have the time or inclination to write your own essay, an option to consider is finding an essay provider who can create one for you for a fee.For those parents who are working adults, it is common knowledge that college costs continue to rise, even when the cost of living is decreasing. In order to save money and still pay for tuition, it is important to look at ways to use essay samples. If you find yourself dissatisfied with the amount of work required to prepare a final draft, why not try to hire a writing service to assist you in this task?If you are trying to avoid incurring too much financial stress, consider hiring an essay provider to help you find essay samples that will suit your needs. You will often hear about some of the most prestigious colleges having an essay lab. If you have the opportunity to spend time there, there is no reason why you should not take advantage of this service.For those who already attend college, this process tends to be a bit more complicated. At most, you will need to talk to a professor in order to get a recommendation for you to utilize the same sample. If you feel that your child may need this support, it is a good idea to look around and see what you can find.Essay writing can sometimes be overwhelming and it is easy to become overwhelmed. However, this can be avoided by providing the appropriate resources. This can include but is not limited to, essay samples, essay tips, essay editing, and advice on essay topics.The fact of the matter is that when you do the research you will discover that elementary student essay samples are often free. If you are able to find a free option, then you can start your research there. Take note of the high quality sample essays that you come across and you will be able to create your own.As long as you have access to the appropriate essay examples, you will be able to create the educational essays that you want. However, many people find that they need to get more assistance in order to create the best-looking and most informative assignments. Using an essay provider is a great way to get this help.

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Love and Self in Kate Chopins The Awakening Essay

Love and Self in The Awakening Kate Chopins The Awakening is often said to triumph the exploration on the emotional and sexual needs of women, and the novel certainly is about that to a great extent, but even more importantly, it is a quest for individuality and the meaning of love. Through the protagonist, Edna Pontellier, Chopin describes in her novel one womans journey towards self-consciousness. Several stages of awakenings can be detected on the road, which are discussed in detail, along with the themes of romantic love, possession and an individual self. Darwinian theories are used to some extent to explore the nature of love and the meaning it had for Chopin. According to Bert Bender, Kate†¦show more content†¦According to Darwins study, however, usually the male is the more active member in the courtship of the sexes (p. 229). The female is less eager, even coy, and may often be seen endeavoring for a long time to escape from the male (p. 230). This eagerness and passion in the male is natural and even necessary, since the acquirement of such passions would naturally follow from the more eager leaving a larger number of offspring than the less eager. (p. 231). Sexual selection has a highly important part in differences between the sexes. Woman is more tender and unselfish, owing to her maternal instinct, and her mental powers are based on intuition, rapid perception and imitation. Man, on the other hand, is competitive and ambitious, which often leads to selfishness. He has attained greater eminence in deep though, reason, imagination and in using his senses and hands. Thus man has become ultimately superior to woman (Darwin, p. 585). Bender argues (p. 461) that Chopin found the general principles of Darwins natural and sexual selection reasonable and accepted the basic premises of the evolution theory. Chopin would not have been a rebel in her time, however, had she not rejected his so very Victorian ideas of natural female passivity and mens superiority over women. Here, says Bender, begins Chopins meditations on sexual selection and its implications for the meaning of love (p.Show MoreRelatedThe Unique Style Of Kate Chopin s Writing1603 Words   |  7 PagesThe unique style of Kate Chopin’s writing has influenced and paved the way for many female authors. Although not verbally, Kate Chopin aired political and social issues affecting women and challenging the validity of such restrictions through fiction. Kate Chopin, a feminist in her time, prevailed against the notion that a woman’s purpose was to only be a housewife and nothing more. Kate Chopin fortified the importance of women empowerment, se lf-expression, self-assertion, and female sexuality throughRead MoreKate Chopin s Literary Creativity And Women s Independence1097 Words   |  5 Pages Kate Chopin has become one of the most influential feminist writers of the century. From Chopin’s literary rejection of The Awakening, the rejection sparked a fire in Chopin’s feminist side. Chopin began writing short stories that would become society’s lead in literary creativity and women’s independence. Kate Chopin’s biography is astonishingly intriguing and the importance Chopin plays to the feminist literature genre is exceptional. Critics either rave Chopin’s work or completely destroy itRead MoreThe Awakening: An Emergence of Womens RIghts in the Late Nineteenth Century1330 Words   |  6 PagesThe Awakening: An Emergence of Women’s Rights in the Late Nineteenth Century Kate Chopin’s The Awakening addresses the role of women within society during the late nineteenth century. The novel is set in South Louisiana, a place where tradition and culture also play a vital role in societal expectations. The novel’s protagonist, Edna Pontellier, initially fulfills her position in society as a wife and as a mother while suppressing her urges to live a life of passion and freedom. Edna’s relationshipRead MoreEssay about Feminism in The Awakening986 Words   |  4 PagesIn the novel The Awakening, by Kate Chopin the critical approach feminism is a major aspect of the novel. According to the word feminism means, â€Å"The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.† The Awakening takes place during the late eighteen hundreds to early nineteen hundreds, in New Orleans. The novel is about Edna Pontellier and her family on a summer vacation. Edna, who is a wife an d mother, is inferior to her husbandRead MoreHow Did Kate Chopin Influence Literature949 Words   |  4 PagesKate Chopin’s distinct influence in literature Kate Chopin was an innovative influence for literature in the late 1800’s. Her stories and characters conflicted with the societal norms of inequality towards women. Women in the 1800’s were oppressed, and treated more like property than individuals. Living in the 1800’s as a woman meant they had no rights, or power to create a life of their own. The men, in that period of history, held all prestige positions; therefore, formed all of the laws, and socialRead MoreKate Chopin Literary Analysis793 Words   |  4 PagesKate Chopin was an innovative influence in literature in the late 1800’s. Her stories and characters conflicted with the societal norms of inequality towards women. Women in the 1800’s were oppressed, and treated more like property than individuals. Living in the 1800s as a woman meant they had no rights, or power to create a life of their own. The men, in that period of history, held all prestige positions, and formed the laws, and soc ial norms of that time. Kate Chopin, and other writers of herRead More Womens Issues in The Awakening by Kate Chopin, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Souls Belated by Edith Wharton1028 Words   |  5 PagesWomens Issues in The Awakening by Kate Chopin, The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and Souls Belated by Edith Wharton In comparing the three authors and the literary works of women authors Kate Chopin (1850 -1904), The Awakening, Charlotte Perkins Gilmans (1860-1935), The Yellow Wallpaper, and Edith Whartons (1862-1937) Souls Belated, a good number common social issues related to women are brought to light and though subtly pointed out are an outcry against the conventionsRead MoreA Doll s House By Henrik Ibsen1135 Words   |  5 PagesHouse† by Henrik Ibsen, and the novel, The Awakening by Kate Chopin, the two protagonists named Nora Helmer and Edna Pontillier depict feminist ideals during the Victorian era in their struggle for independence, both sexually and emotionally. Nora and Edna are feminists in the late 1800s, trapped in an era and a society dictated by men. Both works parallel together and are significant because they show how Edna and Nora awaken, as their roles and self-realization progress in their respective familiesRead MoreKate Chopin and How the Feminist Movement Inspi red Her Writings1666 Words   |  7 PagesKate Chopin and How the Feminist Movement Inspired Her Writings Kate Chopin was an American author who wrote novels as well as short stories. Her work was extraordinary and some of her greatest work was based on the feminist movement. Kate Chopin became known throughout the world as one of the most influential writers during the feminist movement. She has attracted great attention from scholars along with students, and her work has been translated into many different languages. Kate Chopin wasRead MoreEssay about Kate Chopins Awakening is Not a Tragedy1321 Words   |  6 PagesKate Chopins Awakening is Not a Tragedy      Ã‚  Ã‚   When we think of a tragedy, thoughts of lost love and torments abound. The most human of emotions, sorrow, overwhelms us. We agonize over the tragedy, and the tragic figure. We lose sight of reality, enthralled by the suspense, captured by the Irony that, we know what plight lies ahead for the characters. We feel the suffering and the helplessness of the characters as the tragedy unwinds. Although Kate Chopins The Awakening

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The Effects Of Water On Human Development - 1772 Words

Water is an essential element of life. It is essential for the health of people, well-being of the human and all social and economic activities as well as for the ecosystem functions of the earth (WWAP, 2012). Therefore, managing water need a spectrum of critical considerations from the control of the governments towards the centre of the society. Water is a source of energy in some countries, and also essential element of agriculture as well as industry, and I some countries it is a mode of transport. Further the role of water related ecosystems from flood control to water Purification and storm protection is well appreciated (IDA, 2015). The Millennium Development Goal (MDGs) agenda sets its target 7C based on the role of water on human development, which expects to halve the proportion of people who does not have access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation (UNESCO-IHP, 2015). According to the report it is evident that more than two billion people gained access to safe drinking water since 1990 and 116 countries have already met the MDG target on drinking water. Further four billion people that is more than half of global population now connected to piped born water at their homes (UNESCO-IHP, 2015). However, two out of every ten people living on this earth have no access to safe drinking water, four in ten have no access to basic latrine, and 3900 children die every day from water borne diseases worldwide (IDA, 2015). More than 748 million people living in ruralShow MoreRelatedHuman Dependence On The Tar Sands1580 Words   |  7 PagesHuman dependence on the tar sands will be monumental in the future with the end of conventional oil. The tar sands project in Alberta is currently one of the greatest industrial projects throughout human history. At this time, the oil sands in Alberta are the second largest producers of oil in the world. The oil sands in Alberta carry more than 170 billion barrels of oil, which is enough to sustain Canada s oil demand for more than 15 decades. However, oil sands development over the years has shownRead MoreThe Effects Of Air Pollution On The Environment Essay1198 Words   |  5 Pagesof economic development of the basic elements. With economic gr owth, population growth, rising living standards, human consumption of resources demand has been on the rise. As the majority of resources are limited and non-renewable, if the consumption pattern continues to follow, the recoverable reserves of resources will continue to decline, the sustainability of the supply of resources, will seriously endanger human survival and development. Environmental pollution will cause direct damage toRead MoreMicrobiological Impacts And Impact Of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals919 Words   |  4 Pagesfound in aquatic environment have a variety of harm effects on animals, humans and or the ecosystem in general, that can differ the hemostasis due to the elimination of natural occurring hormones in animals or human bodies when they interfere with the synthesis and transportation of hormones that are responsible for growth, development and behavior. (A. Snyder, 2003) On the other hand, we have micropollutants that can found in aquatic and waste water systems which contain residues from industrial pharmaceuticalRead MoreUse Of Phase Of Building A Largest Stage That Impacts Environment During The Life Cycle1583 Words   |  7 Pagescan full evaluate the impacts during extraction of raw materials, material creation, sale, maintenance, disposal or recycling, also global warming, air pollution, water pollution and other index. Thereby more effectively improving environmental performance is to achieve green building. LCA will provide the support of data on saving water, energy, material and other indicators. Based on LCA gradually promote the use of the Environment Product Declaration (EPD), this declaration will serve as a businessRead MoreEnvironmental Pollution And Its Effects On The Environment1311 Words   |  6 PagesEnvironmental pollution harm has two main aspects: 1. Heat island effect from the perspective of the geographical circulation of heat, because the night lighting caused unnecessary energy loss (including generating heat loss and lighting loss), is bound to increase electric effect throughout the city, thereby exacerbating urban heat island effect. ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENT Introduction. In this area, we will discuss about energy savings, land savings, water savings and environment protection. For the energy savingsRead MoreEnvironmental Effects On Animals897 Words   |  4 Pagesendocrine system in the human and animal populations. (Leschik, 2010) Thus, these chemicals are often known to be agents that are foreign to an organism system, a xenobiotic. (Trachsel, 2008) EDCs have a handful of harm effects on animals, humans and the ecosystem in general, which differs in the way they are regulated due to hormones that naturally occur in animals or human bodies being eliminated when they start interfering with how the hormones responsible for growth, development and behavior are beingRead MoreHow The Building Is The Largest Stage That Impacts Environment During The Life Cycle1585 Words   |  7 Pagescan full evaluate the impacts during extraction of raw materials, material creation, sale, maintenance, disposal or recycling, also global warming, air pollution, water pollution and other index. Thereby more effectively improving environmental performance is to achieve green bu ilding. LCA will provide the support of data on saving water, energy, material and other indicators. Based on LCA gradually promote the use of the Environment Product Declaration (EPD), this declaration will serve as a businessRead MoreDam Building : The Magnificent Engineering Edifices Left On The Landscape1058 Words   |  5 PagesThe human problems appear as monumental as the magnificent engineering edifices left on the landscape; but, without consideration of the human factor, great dams simply make great ruins (Dupree 1980, Carta 2015). With the development of technologies and resources that help an economy’s growth, dam-building has been a primary focus in many countries around the world. Dams create reservoirs, whose water in turn is used for agricultural irrigation, within the industrial sector, and also as human consumptionRead MoreHow The Atmosphere Is A Complex Fluid System Outside Earth1693 Words   |  7 Pages 1 The atmosphere is a complex fluid system outside Earth from a variety of gases and suspended solids consisting of participation in life activities are under long-term development and formation. The main components of the Earth s atmosphere is nitrogen and oxygen, the nine planets in the solar system composition is very special. Composition of the global atmosphere more of the ingredients can be divided into stable and unstable constituent components. The former include nitrogen, oxygenRead MoreThe Effects Of Chemicals On Our Daily Lives1216 Words   |  5 Pagesto the chemicals. Daphnia Magna is water flea that is used in experiments that record the mortality rate and the fertility rate. When placed in a plastic container containing BPA or BPS the Daphnia Magna will have a greater reproduction rate and a higher rate of development. Bisphenol A is a chemical that is produced in the production of chemicals. Plastics that contain BPA are food and drink packaging such as baby bottles. The main exposure for BPA in humans is through food. Many marine organisms

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Explain the Differences Between Criminologists,...

Kevin Penn American Intercontinental University Unit 1 Individual Project CRJS105 –1103b-04 Theories of Crime Causation August 28,2011 Abstract In this paper I will explain the differences between Criminologists, Criminalists, and Forensic psychologists and what is the difference in their disciplines of expertise. As well as looking at blue collar crime vs. white collar crime, how they are reported and measured by the FBI in their uniformed crime reporting. Also how blue collar crime is much more popular culture by the media. And finally the difference between a index- one and index- two crime under the UCR, as well as which index-one crimes are violent crimes and which ones†¦show more content†¦Criminal investigation can often use the profilers information to eliminate the number of suspects. The Criminalist uses the forensic science laboratory to use the collected evidence by investigators in order to deliver scientifically accurate results. Psychological profilers can use information gathered at the crime scene to help understand the behavior and personality of a possible offender. These results can put an investigation in the right direction for Police. Although there is no legal importance or meaning in the differences between white-collar crime and blue-collar crime, it is but a term that used to identify what has become to be known as â€Å"clean and dirty crimes†. According to legal law dictionary â€Å"those illegal acts which are characterized by deceit, concealment, or violation of trust and which are not dependent upon the application or threat of physical force or violence(Free dictonary;nd). We have seen in the past that white collar crimes are usually those types of crimes that deal with different types of fraud like securities, healthcare and tax evasion although it’s not limited to just these types of crimes (MOJO;nd). The term â€Å"White collar crime was coined in 1939 by Edwin Sutherland who stated; â€Å"crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in the course of his occupation.(Mojo;n.d.). White collar crime is viewed as b eing moreShow MoreRelatedCrime and Forensic Psychology1117 Words   |  5 Pageslacking with regard to the entire field of criminology, the differences between blue-collar and white-collar crime, and the general perception of the incidence of crime in the United States. You are asked, as the public relations representative of your police department, to provide an information session on the field of criminology.  The expectation is to make sure the public understands the facts of law enforcement and to differentiate between the fictions presented in different media outlets.   Please

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African American Female Rappers History. free essay sample

African American Female Rappers American culture, being traditionally perceived as quite liberal and democratic, Is In fact paralyzed by the overwhelming power of stereotypes which shape the current image of culture at large and its industries, including music, in particular. Even the most innovative and advanced movements turn to be submitted to the canons of the ideology that dominates in American culture. Unfortunately, such a situation does not contribute to the development of really free, liberal and focused on spiritual, moral and intellectual progress of the consumers of the culture. Probably one of the most Interesting, new and, unfortunately, typical example of the domination of stereotypes In American culture Is the development of female black rap music, which has become particularly intensive in sass and is still quite dynamically developing.At first glance black female rap music should be free from traditional stereotypes, it should be innovative and contributing to black female emancipation and increasing the role of black females in the society at large but, in actuality, the situation is absolutely different. Despite the fact that many female rappers pretend to be unique at evolving the new Image of a free and Independent black female, It turns to be that practically all of them, or at least the most popular of them, are Ideologically dependent on the male dominance in proper and figurative sense of this word. It means that as a rule black female rappers tend to create an image which can be well accepted by the wide audience and which is created on the basis of the dominating ideology in American culture, notably in American rap music that is characterized by the male dominance and the role of a black female Is so to say secondary or subordinated to a male.As a result, Instead of a new Image of a black female that could be Independent and free of male dominance, rap music Industry and the audience have got a negative image of a black female, or an image of a black female that tends to underline her sexuality. The role and images of black female rappers in American rap music industry Speaking about black female rappers, it should be pointed out that their role and the impact on the development of the culture of African Americans and American culture at large should not be underestimated.Regardless the fact that many of black female rappers were created due to the male papers they still cont ributed to the progress of rap music industry and introduced something new and founded a basis for further development of rap music among black females on the professional level. The development of black female rappers as a strong power in rap music and culture has started in sass and nowadays it is still popular and interesting.Black female rappers may be viewed differently but their importance for music and culture cannot be denied. At this respect It should be pointed out that many cultural and music critics praise raps role as an educational LOL, point out that black women rappers are examples of aggressive pro;women lyricists in popular music, and defend raps ghetto stories as real life reflections that should draw attention to the burning of racism and economic oppression, rather than to question of obscenity (Rose 1994, 1). At the same time, on analyzing the development of black female rappers, it should be said there could be clearly defined Initially, black female rappers had to wear the same clothes as men, curse with the same intonation, and adopt a harsh mentality that didnt place much value on Minnie instincts (Nelson 1998, 188) that was actually a natural consequence of male domination in rap music and culture at large. On the other hand, later a new trend has become popular.Black females broke ground using sex or feminine image which was deliberately underlined. As Nelson George points out, most commercially successful female group (and one of raps bestselling act of any gender) began as slightly chubby B-girls who have evolved into glamour girls, and have been talking about sex since 1986 (1998, 185). Quite noteworthy is the fact that many female rappers used similar themes in their songs.Nonetheless, it is impossible to objectively evaluate the role of black female rappers without analysis of the work of the most outstanding black female rappers. One of the most popular and well known black female rappers, whose contribution in the development of rap music is undoubted, is Dana Owens, better known as Queen Latish. By the way her adapted Arabic name Latish is quite symbolic and means beautiful, sensitive, kind. She became popular in 1989 with her hit single Ladies First.According to Monica Lynch, the Tommy Boy executive who put Latish on, the song signaled the empowerment of new breed of female Macs (Hip Hop Divas 2001, 52). In fact this song arrived quite in time because it came at a period in rap when many female rappers were Just disusing one another but not doing the same to their sexist male counterparts. In such a situation her album All Hail was not a sort of an album traditional for black female rappers of that time but it was an album of a woman who was not afraid to confront sexist and disrespectful behavior.As the matter of fact, Queen Latish has managed to put the right messages at the right time for, as many critics underlined, the topic f empowerment for the ladies made a big impact on many socially, including capturing the attention of hip-hop Journalists debating and documentin g the female perspective (Hip Hop Divas 2001, 53). Moreover, her trend to underline female independence and equality often provoked discussions about her heterosexuality and often she was asked whether she was a gay or not. However, Queen Latish was not very successful from commercial point of view for she has got only one gold record but financial side of the business was obviously not the most important in her contribution to the development of black female rap music. In fact she is an excellent example of positive female representation in rap music since her image is traditionally perceived as positive. As Trench said she represents black women power. Thats why all the ladies were behind her whether they were rap fans or not (Hip Hop Ladies 2001, 56).Unfortunately, Queen Latish is a rare exception with her social and spiritual aims superior to financial ones which were basic for the vast majority of black female rappers later. Another significant personality among black female rappers is Sister Goulash. In fact she is a very gifted person who managed to apply her talent and knowledge in different fields though she is traditionally thought of as a controversial American hip-hop generation author, acti vist, recording artist, and film producer (Collins 2000, 221). Obviously her talent as a rapper was probably the most significant in her life.It was she who was the female voice of hip-hop formation Public Enemy and her first solo album 360 Degrees of Power was released controversial person, for instance, on commenting the Los Angels riots, she said quite a provoking phrase: If black people kill black people every day, why not have a eek and kill white people? (Collins 2000, 222). This statement, being severely criticized by the President Bill Clinton, inspired the creation of the first Sister Goulash moment. However, in late sass she basically focused on her literary career and published her autobiography No Disrespect (1995) and the novel The Coldest Winter Ever (1999).Nonetheless, in her work both as a rapper and as a writer she raised disturbing problems of racial inequality, which sometimes simply overshadow another problem the problem of equality and ruin of stereotypes concerning black females. Nonetheless, Sister Goulash represents rel atively new generation of black female rappers while there is a very important figure in the black female movement, which produced a very serious impact on the development of rap music at large and its female branch in particular, and she is MAC Late. Actually she is one of the major black female rappers. Moreover, she was the first who received the gold album. She started her music career very early when she was only 12 and soon after that she signed a contract with First Priority that was obviously a great success for a young African American girl. Naturally she continued her career and she released her debut album Late as a Rock in 1988 when she was 17 only. It was really a great success but what was really important for her and for black female rappers was the fact that it was a good example for other black female rappers to follow.At the same time, there was also a great danger in it because in such an age she could hardly realism the importance of the message she gave to the audience while her commercial success was not less significant than her success as a rapper. The years to follow she managed to make a guest appearance on a remix of Sinned OConnor l ants your hands on me, which became a dance hit. In sass she continued to release her albums. It is quite noteworthy that she collaborated with other black female rappers such as Missy Elliott Cold Rock a Party.Naturally, her work and her success could not remain unmarked and in December 2004 she was inducted as an honorary member into Sigma Gamma RYO Sorority Inc. In such a way, MAC Late contributed greatly to the development of black female rappers and achieved great results at the very young age. As for her collaborator, Missy Elliott, she was also a very significant personality in the black female rapper music. Actually, she is one of the first female hip hop superstars. Among her hits may be named The Rain (Sups Dupe Fly), Shes a Pitch, Get OUR Freak On, Lose Control, and Work It.Quite remarkably she started as a singer and songwriter in an RB group called Assist though it should be emphasized that her friend Timothy DC Timmy Tim, the producer of her group produced a significant impact on her creative work and her image. Then she continued her career cooperating with Swing Mob, and later Timberland. Elliot and Timberland crafted hit singles for a number of artists between 1995-1997. As a solo paper, Elliott began her career as a featured vocalist on Gina Thompson The Things You Do and MAC Lets 1996 single Cold Rock a Party.Her debut album was released in 1997, was Sups Dupe Fly, a blockbuster hit that established Missy Elliott as a major force in popular music. It is very important that Sups Dupe Fly was accepted positively by critics though some critics commented that the album tracks, were far inferior to the singles (Sexton 1995, 257). 1997 was marked by Elliott perform on Ill Skims girl-power anthem, a hit remix of her song, Not Tonight that obviously underlined her music work as a black female rapper.The next year, she continued her successful music career by writing and producing Totals single Tripping. Missy Elitists second album, Dad Real World (1999) was Just as successful as the first as well as Miss E So Addictive in 2001. In fact she is very productive and among the albums which were successful may be also named Under Construction (2002), This Is Not a Test (2003), The Cookbook (2005) and she still remains to be popular so that Missy Elliott is still as widely recognized and respected by her peers, mainstream, and underground as ever (Cheney 2005, 410).Moreover, her achievements and success were rewarded and in November 2005, Missy Elliott won Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2005 American Music Awards, defeating, by the way, Ill Kim, another famous black female rapper. However, her success was great, but the quality of her work was probably sacrificed for the sake of commercial success. In such a way commerce has started to prevail over the message the black female rapper, namely Missy Elliott, conveyed to the audience.This trend has become even more obvious in the creative work of Ill Kim who was probably the most commercially successful of all females in the rap industry. On the other hand, Ill Kim was the best at selling the sex image. It is very important to underline that she was introduced to the hip-hop community via the all-male crew Junior Mafia and with a successful introduction in place and her mentor/lover The Notorious B. I. G. Right behind her, Kim locked down the rap world from many (female) competitors for a very long time (Evans 1994, 216). On analyzing her work, it is easy to realize that Ill Kim exploited sexuality to create an image of sweetheart that was to a significant extent the result of her personal need to be loved. It is a well-known fact that Kim left mom too soon and this is why she had to hustle men in order to support herself. At that time I always had a man to take care of me she remembers. Sometimes, if I thought I could get some money out of a guy, Id sleep with. And I got kind caught in that mentality (Hip Hop Divas 2001, 133).Soon she starts transporting drugs lives to boyfriend to boyfriend, learning hard lessons, getting betrayed (Hip Hop Divas 2001 , 133). Naturally all these facts from her biography reflected in her creative work and her image where sexuality was particularly significant, while morality obviously played a secondary role after commercial success. Despite this fact, she was very popular and her debut on Junior Mafias Players Anthem left many rap fans captivated with her raw style and lyrical abilities.When her first album was released she was characterized as the dopiest female MAC thats coming out ever (Hip Hop Divas 2001, 134). It is very important that, being an outstanding black female rapper, Ill Kim was supported by her boyfriend and male rapper Biggie who gave her a lot of help, though mainly at the beginning of her career. But even though his role has started to decline, when the real success has come, the death of Biggie produced a ere serious impact on her creative work and she delayed the release of her second album The Notorious for three years.These facts underline the role of male in the progress of black female rappers career and the emphasis on sexuality in Ill Skims career and her image are extremely contrasting to what Queen Laths promotion of unique and there has been no female solo artists before as succes sful as Kim in being raw and doing exactly what male rappers have done to be successful. At the same time, she revealed that black female rappers tend to give the audience the mage which is to a significant extent stereotyped and black female independence promoted in sass is gradually replaced by striving for commercial success by all means.In such a way, black female rappers being significantly similar to each other possess their unique characteristics and in general they played an important role in the development of rap music though their image as well as the message they convey to the audience were and remain to be quite controversial. Feminists discourse in rap music To fully realism the controversial character of black female rappers it is necessary to analyses in details their messages and their feminists discourse, which they represent in their creative work.In fact there may be singled out two main trends in the image and style of black female rappers. On the one hand, there are female rappers which attempt to imitate their male counterparts they Just tend to be like male rappers, wearing similar clothes, using similar language and style. On the other hand, there are black female rappers which are sometimes defined as a fly-girl leading a very sexually active lifestyle and promoting this image, which becomes their second nature, to the audience.Among such black female rappers may be named MAC Late and Ill Kim. It should be underlined that often, especially in sass, black female rappers were playing in the sexist arena but the promotion of a black female as an independent female who can live her own way withou t males influence and support was quite rare and sometimes resulted in discussions concerning sexual orientation of a rapper as it was in the case of Queen Latish described above.In contrast, many black female rappers were often harsher to one another than to male rappers that naturally did not contributed to the promotion of a positive image of black female rappers at large. Furthermore, an important role for black female rappers played the female audience because, as one of the rappers singled out women will be your worst critics, but also your biggest fans. The first group of people you goat get are the women.You cant do that by dismissing, and you cant do it by threatening them (Hip Hop Divas 2001 , 34). In such a situation, it was strategically important to gain respect and popularity among female audience first that cannot be fully done by black female rappers through disusing one another. These were the trends that were typical for sass though present in sass but what has really become the main trend ring sass was the increased role of commercial success, which overshadowed all other aspects of black female rappers creative work.In such a situation get rich mentality that has begun to dominate rap music, many artists lose consciousness of the art and will sell garbage in exchange for money (Collins 2000, 348). Unfortunately, many black female rapp ers simply forgot what their life was like before success had come. As a result the negative image of black female image was promoted by black female rappers and the situation has hardly changed since sass when the black female rappers movement got started to be particularly significant. Moreover, in sass the situation became even worse.The primary concern they were contributing to and continue to do so is making money regardless moral aspects, image. Such a situation is particularly dramatic because many black female rappers exploit sexuality and sexual image and often these females possess good rhyming skills that were hidden behind pornographic talk because this is what their mentors were producing (Evans 1994, 303). Furthermore, the negative image that is promoted is not the only drawback of black female rappers concerning feminism and emancipation of black female in American society and culture.The fact, which has already been underlined above, that many of them started at a very young age resulted in the lack of consciousness of their mission as representatives of pop music, of art and primarily as representatives of probably the most deprived part of American society black females which, in order to be really independent and equal to other members of society, have to use all opportunities to promote their positive image, not negative one.Naturally as teenagers, these young black female rappers were mainly concerned with the money they were making than with the image they ere portraying and they could hardly be aware of black feminist movement or womanish ideology. At the same time it was quite natural that their discourse and the message they send to their audience was significantly influenced by surrounding reality and mass culture, which, as it has been already emphasized, were full of stereotypes and there were a lot of prejudices concerning black female and their image.Moreover being too young, they could not think absolutely independently. This is why they tended to create the image the audience traditionally expected from them such as exaggerated sexuality and basically negative image. In such a situation there remained little or even no room for feminist ideology and wider representation of real black female image, which was significantly different from stereotyped view on them.In other words, they did not fully realism the opportunity to change public opinion in relation to black females, on the contrary they only reinforced the negative image mistakenly perceived by the vast majority of the audience as traditional and typical for bla ck females. Probably because of their age they could not act otherwise but at the same time it is necessary to realism that such a situation has not gone to he past.Moreover, now the black female rappers discourse tends to be far from what may be treated as really feminist discourse oriented on the protection and promotion of rights of black females, in contrast sexuality and servile emphasis on the audiences stereotypes are promoted and what is even worse new black female rappers choose such an image and use similar discourse over and over again. As a result portraying controlling images, being ruinous for black female rappers as representatives of black feminist movement, are getting to be more and more popular and widely spread nowadays.The dominant sexual and racial ideologies in American culture A logical question that arises, when the situation with black female rappers is analyzed, is the question concerning the reasons of such a discourse which obviously lacks feminists promotion and is rather subordinated to stereotypes. In addition to the reasons mentioned in previous chapter, it should be said that black female rappers willingly or not are a part of American culture and consequently they are subordinated to the dominant ideologies which are accepted by the vast majority of American society and which, in fact, they should change but currently they fail to.It is an undeniable fact that the dominant sexual and racial ideologies in American female rappers had to obey to these ideologies in order to gain popularity of t he possibly wider audience but, on the other hand, it is necessary to realize that by doing so they can hardly gain real respect neither the audience at large nor black females in particular.Speaking about the dominant ideologies it is necessary to clearly realize that they are developed and belong to white males and the changes that got started in American society are too slow to change the dominant ideology somehow. Naturally, in such a situation, black female rappers has a little choice to do and their choice in favor of popularity, even though it weakens dramatically black female movement, is quite pragmatic and natural.It is noteworthy to refer to George Nelson who estimated that for much of hip-hops history, it has been a truism that the male rap consumer, white and black, simply wont accept females (1998, 185). In fact rap has always been considered a private and male dominant space. This is why at the beginning it was extremely difficult for black female rappers to gain success ND the breakthrough made in mid-sass was particularly significant.Remarkably, this breakthrough coincided with the work of such a black female rapper as Queen Latish who was probably the most eager rapper who striver for promotion of an image of a black female different from standardized and this image was obviously very successful for her as an artist but not in commercial aspect. However, such a position of Queen Latish and to a certain extent similar to her MAC Late led to their severe critique and it is significant that the females who get the most respect in hip- pops primarily male domain Queen Latish and MAC Late are relentlessly dogged by rumors that they are lesbians.Whether these rumors are true or not, the message is evident: a female cant be tough or strong or clear or exceptionally skillful at hip- h op unless she has sacrificed the thing that makes her a real girl (Smith 1995, 127). Furthermore, as Iatric Rose estimates, such female rappers often felt that they were being used as a political baton to beat male rappers over the head, rather than being affirmed as women who could open up public dialogue to interrogate sexism and its effect on young black women (1994, 150).Naturally, it is impossible to speak about equality and independence of black female rappers and their creative work since, being few compared to the mass of male rappers, they could hardly change stereotypes and dominant ideologies in a day, a year or even a decade because as a rule they have been viewed as interlopers either butch anomalies or cute novelties who by some fluke infiltrated a boys game (Light 1999, 177). On facing such a resistance, from the part of the mass audience influenced by the dominant sexual ND racial ideologies in American culture black female rappers, as one of them Kid-N- Play said, have to work twice as hard [as males] to get half the credit (Rose 1994, 146). As a result, it is not surprising that many black female rappers are harsher to one another than to male rappers that may be also explained by low number of black female rappers compared to males and by their intention to please the predominantly male audience for the sake of commercial success.This often led to limiting female rap songs to verbal catfish and the typical battle of the sexes, especially in sass. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that since sass there have been two main ways on which black female rappers could achieve success. On the one hand, there is the l am as tough and as good Just as the next man role but have chosen it are the most respected.On the other hand, there is an alternative that t he majority of black female rappers have chosen and nowadays it gets to be more and more popular, is simply to sell sexual images that is not surprising because it is acceptable by the dominating male ideology in the industry for that sex sells is the first axiom of advertising, and sexual ads are everywhere. And in order to titillate a sexually Jaded society, you have to push the boundaries. You have to be a bit more brazen than the last hot little number, a little more edgy (Bradford et al. 1999, 72) and this is exactly what many of black female rappers are currently doing to be successful. Unfortunately, the dominant sexual and racial ideologies in American culture result in the situation when portraying African-American women as stereotypical mummies, matriarchs, welfare recipients, and hot mommas helps Justify US black womens oppressionThese controlling images are designed to make schism, sexism, poverty, and other forms of social injustice appear to be natural, normal, and inevitable parts of everyday life (Collins 2000, 70). Moreover, often black female rappers are portrayed as hutchies since men allowed many of them to rap. Hutchies is a term used by Joan Morgan in her book When Chickenhearted Come Home to Roost (2000) and it signifies women who use sex to get what they want from men. An example of such a type of black female rappers is Ill Kim.Consequently, the controlling image of black females becomes more and more widely spread and in unreal it is influenced by the dominant sexual and racial ideologies in which males play the main role and the desire to achieve commercial success force black females to create images the most attractive for the wide audience but unfortunately it results in the creation of an extremely negative image of black female that is very dangerous for the progress of black feminist movement.Conclusion: the future of black females in American rap music Thus, taking into considerations all above mentioned, it is possible to presuppose the future of black females in American culture at large and rap music in particular. The recent trends in the development of black female rap ar e quite disturbing, particularly an unparalleled centralization of the industry, but it is necessary to point out that the similar trends are typical not only for females but for males as well as for other industries of pop culture.Nonetheless, this trend is basically the result of male dominated ideology that makes the progress of black female rappers not as effective as it could be. Furthermore, the perspective development of black female rap music would probably enhance this trend that would naturally lead to further exploitation of sexual images that would to improve the general image of black females which is now rather negative, according to the current images of black female rappers. On the other hand, there is still some room for hope to change the negative image of black females would eventually vanish due to the creation of new image of a real black female which has nothing in common that conservative and stereotypical dominant male ideologies tend to promote. Fortunately, this presupposition is not purely hypothetical but, on the contrary, it is quite realizable and the growing number of black female rappers is significant evidence in favor of such a perspective.